Thoughts on this design?

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Thoughts on this design? Empty Thoughts on this design?

Post by Bluntokian on November 20th 2012, 10:18 pm

So I'm finally in a house il be in for a while and I have a job. I refuse to say hopefully because it never works out. That said I want some thoughts on this return design I just came up with for a 20 long with 20 long sump. I have until the third of Dec. to make changes. The general idea is a 1" drain down to a 1" T that splits off to two 1" 1/2 x 1" x 1" 1/2 T's. I didn't put the pipe low enough in the sump but its supposed to be under the water level so it doesn't cause more bubbles. I accidentally put 2" pipes on the end T's instead of 1" 1/2 so try to over look that. The first set of baffles are at 8" 9" and 8" respectively and I want to move the gap between the second and third down to a 3/4" gap instead of a 1" gap to allow any bubbles to escape. The 4th baffle on the other end of the "Bad invert holder" is 7". General idea being return/skimmer - fuge/holding - return. The overflow box is 3" x 2" x 2" I believe. Inside and outside dimensions are to my knowledge, precise.

Thoughts on this design? 20_lon10
Thoughts on this design? 20_lon11
Thoughts on this design? 20_lon12
Thoughts on this design? 20_lon13
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