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Temperate Marine Basics

In short the temperate marine biome is located within the temperate belts encircling the earth, themselves being located between the polar and tropical belts of our planet. Temperate marine ecosystems sustain themselves with life giving nutrients that occur in magnificent seasonal blooms. In these ecosystems plankton form the basis of the food chain. Once considered dull and lifeless, temperate marine waters have been revealed to exhibit paramount levels of biodiversity. Notable within these ecosystems is the kelp forest, extremely diverse and responsible for sustaining the livelihoods of many mammalian, bird, and invertebrate species.

The key difference between tropical and temperate aquaria is that temperate aquaria require water temperatures to be on average 50-70˚ Fahrenheit. A notable absence in temperate marine aquaria are corals, though they do exist abundantly in the wild. In the home aquarium this absence is attributed to the depth in which temperate water corals are found, rendering them nearly inaccessible. Most invertebrates kept are abundant in the intertidal regions of the ocean. Additionally, a common misconception is to refer to temperate ecosystems and aquaria as "coldwater," as the only true cold waters are no doubt located in the polar regions: the Arctic and Antarctic.


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