About Temperate Reef

Temperate Reef is a marine center where you will find quality information about the temperate marine biome and increasingly popular temperate marine and reef aquarium hobby. At Temperate Reef we strive to educate people around the world about these little known temperate-water ecosystems that thrive with diverse amounts of marine species. We hope that you will join us in our mission to educate others as well as for the pleasure of enjoying Temperate Reef's many resources.

Start of TR

Temperate Reef obtained inception in April of 2009. The marine center was created to offer those seeking greater information on the temperate aspects of the marine reef and aquatic keeping hobby a place to learn and contribute through discussion. Today Temperate Reef is the largest and best place on the web regarding information, livestock data, and forums pertaining to the temperate marine aquatic hobby.

New to Temperate Marine?


Temperate Reef's Marine Center is the portal to excellent temperate marine information. The Marine Center displays the most reliable sources found across the web on temperate marine information, pertaining to the aquarium hobby, conservation, and responsible aquakeeping. Temperate Reef is built upon three things: it's Information Center, Marine Livestock center, and forums.

TemperateAquaria Information Center - The Information Center offers numerous articles on temperate marine environments and the aquarium hobby aspect of temperate aquatic environments. Its articles focus on species, aquaria, and biotopes.

TemperateAquaria Marine Livestock - TA Marine Livestock is a database that provides the aquarist with a list of commonly available and kept marine species. Though Temperate Reef does not sell listed marine life, it may list trusted or reputable sources that do.

Forums at Temperate Reef - The Forums at Temperate Reef are where discussion on Temperate Reef takes place. The Forums entertain a global audience and as such contain numerous resources within themselves. Forums are well organized and maintain a strong user friendly interface.