Navanax inermis

Distribution - East Pacific, California; Intertidal species
Forest Compatible - With Caution
Reef Compatible - With Caution
Diet - Carnivore 
Minimum Tank Size - 30g
Max Size - 8"
Family - Aglajidae

Navanax inermis is a predatory headshield slug and member of the Aglajidae family, a group of vibrantly colored opisthobranchs who's species all retain a similarity in body shape. This species of sea slug secrets a sticky substance when threatened as do most opisthobranchs. They frequent rocky and sandy temperate regions and will feed on species of bubble shell and smaller sea slugs present to their location. 

In the aquarium a stable food supply should be established as it is not well known of the California Navanax to take prepared foods. It's diet in the wild consists of bubble shells and smaller opisthobranchs. These mollusks should also form its diet in captivity.

The California Navanax (N. inermis) is distinguishable from the other species of Navanax inhabiting a similar range (N. polyalphos), by its size and color pattern. Navanax polyalphos is much smaller reaching only one inch in size and is black with white spots.