Marine Plants

Clockwise from top-left

- Kelp forest by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

- Various species by Jon Olav

- Giant Kelp by Stef Maruch (CC BY-SA 2.0)

- Various species by Jon Sullivan

- Red alga by JacobNano

Marine plants and macro algae come in three color forms: brown, red, and green. Brown species are often kelp, while red and green types are generally smaller plants commonly found in seagrass and kelp beds. In a planted temperate aquarium good lighting and water flow is required for the long term survival of the species, as in any planted aquarium. This ensures light reaches the plant by removing any detritus or nuisance algae that may be present on the fronds or branches of the plant.

Brown Macroalgae & Seaweed

Giant Kelp (Macrocystus pyrifera)

Green Macroalgae & Seaweed

Sea Lettuce (Ulva sp.) • Eel Grass (Zostera marina)

Red Macroalgae & Seaweed

no species currently listed