Octopus for my Aquarium

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Re: Octopus for my Aquarium

Post by C-Rad on December 7th 2010, 5:20 pm

Michael Milligan wrote:that is much the same way I had in mind. A small tank that lives off the large. I'm having a hard time devising a method of running the water so that I can set the tank beside the large one, but I'm having trouble coming up with something simple.

The principal is to pump water "up" into one tank, and let gravity cause water from that tank to flow back "down" into the other tank. The water level in the so called "higher" tank, only needs to be 1/4" to 1/2" higher then the water level in the "lower" tank. So side by side will work just fine, as long as there's an inch or more of empty space at the top of one of the tanks. The only requirements are that the water level in one tank has room to be at least 1/4" or so above the water level in the other, and that there is a nice wide pipe (low resistance) connecting the two tanks.

Imagine that you have two 10 gallon tanks placed on a table, side by side. Drill a 1.25" hole low on the side of each of them and install two bulkhead and a short horizontal piece of 1" PVC pipe. Pour about 18 gallons of water into one of the tanks. The water will fill both tanks to within about 1.5" of the top. If you drop a pump into the tank on the left, and run an arch shaped length of tubing from the pump into the tank on the right, you'll be able to move water from the left tank into the right tank. The water level in the right tank will increase slightly, and water will flow through the PVC pipe, back into the first tank. Simple.

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Re: Octopus for my Aquarium

Post by Michael Milligan on December 7th 2010, 11:17 pm

That is much like I have some up with, but replace the hole with a PVC overflow. A pond pump running from the main tank to the "octogon" and the overflow returning the water.

In anycase, a custom stand for the little tank seems required to get the right hight.
Michael Milligan
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