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Hallo from Jeffreys Bay Empty Hallo from Jeffreys Bay

Post by kalemanzi on May 8th 2014, 2:48 pm

Hi there
I have been dreaming about keeping a native fish tank for many years. We live about 200m from the ocean in Jeffreys Bay South Africa. (about 45 minutes drive from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province) I am a scuba diver and also do a fair amount of spearfishing and just free diving for the sake of being in the ocean. A while back, somebody gave me a 100 Gallon tank with sump, filter, pump etc. The tank was filthy and it had freshwater fish in so it took us about 3 days to clean. My aim is to mimic the rock pools and shallow reefs in our region. The tank had a bunch of those plastic balls and hair curlers in, but I removed it. They were full of dead snails at the time. I went to find some living rocks as I hear it is called, and found a couple of gems with gazillion creatures living in and on it and placed some of them in the sump with sand and some seaweed. The big one I put in the main tank with some other rocks with chitons and various other things on I have no idea what to call. I also managed to get 6 anemones of various sizes, with the largest one seeming to be splitting itself into three after a couple of days. With fetching the water, some small fry was also introduced into the tank as well as some tiny shrimps and lots of plankton. Yesterday we got a small gobie as well from the rock pools. I have been hand feeding the anemones and gobie with crushed snails or frozen shrimp and they all seem very happy. the two small fish seems to be eating micro organisms in the water.

Currently, I am keeping an eye on the water temperatures. When we started the tank a week ago, the temp was 19 degs. It has climbed steadily up to 21 degrees where it has now stayed for the last 3 days. The sea temperature for today was 22.5 degrees and it the ocean was 19 degrees the day we filled the tank for the first time. We are heading towards winter in South Africa, so I am not sure if a chiller is needed. The coldest our water has been at 15 to 20m was 9 Celcius, and at the top maybe 12 to 15.

Anyways, very excited and learning lots about the creatures in my tank. I can just sit there for hours staring at especially the small stuff.
Greetings to all!
Fish Fry

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