Sharkquarium, the 2500 litre system

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Sharkquarium, the 2500 litre system Empty Sharkquarium, the 2500 litre system

Post by Rapide on August 6th 2013, 6:44 am

The Tank:
Custom made 330cm long 15mm thick glass aquarium covered with transparent film to prevent fogging. 
Overflow in the middle of the back wall. 
100cm high aluminium stand, 40cm high light cabinet, both wrapped in white leather.
2 x 144w custom made LED's, 2 x 120w LED's, 72w actinic LED strip, all dimmable.
4 x Tunze 6105 Turbelle streams with Multicontroller, 6 x Tunze Nanostreams for additional flow. UPS with one 6105.

The Sumproom:
Located in the basement. Large PVC sump, ATB cone skimmer, Deltec E-Flow 16 return pump, large custom made ATS, GHL ProfiLux with a laptop and powerbar (redox, salinity, pH and temp), Deltec 39w UV, Sander ozonizer attached to the skimmer, biopellet reactor, Deltec PF601 calcium reactor (useless now?), carbon reactor and two Hailea Titan 1500 chillers located behing the wall of the sumproom. Also some smaller tanks will be in the same cycle, for example some anemone breeding tank. There is also a small hospital/quarantine tank in the sumproom.

Planned fauna:
Raja clavata
Scyliorchinus canicula
Scyliorchinus torazame
Enoplosus armatus
Microcanthus srigatus
Gasterosteus aculeatus
Gobius niger
Cyclopterus lumpus
Chilomycterus schoepfi


Palaemon elegans
Palaemon adspersus

Actinia equina
Anemonia viridis
Anemonia sp. "Green"
Urticina eques
Urticina felina
Stomphia coccinea
Corynactis viridis

Snails, clams, scallops, mussels, macro algaes, feather dusters, worms...

Rocky "open ocean", almost iwagumi styled.
Lots of open sand areas and room for the fish to swim. Also some hiding places for the nocturnal benthic fish to rest during the day.
Fine white coral sand, so the skates can bury if they wish to do so.
Some rocks will reach all the way to the surface, giving the smaller fish some hiding places from the more predatory fishes. 
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