Moving house

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Moving house

Post by snapperhead on July 31st 2013, 9:17 am

Hi Guys been very very busy and havnt been on much.

I have decided to move into a house closer to work for both my wife and myself ,it also means Im alot closer to the ocean being only minutes down the road .
But I now have to move my Aquarium etc.
I may have use of the insulated quarantine tanks we use at work for the move .
The problem is the time frame and the weight of the tank and the fact I used live rock for the DT's rear wall .
Any advise on how to move and keep the live rock safe while the tanks empty ,rock still in place. and what % of water should I keep to help speed up the cycle .
I have never moved a Tank before that I wanted to keep running.
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Re: Moving house

Post by naturenz on August 21st 2013, 3:05 am

I move my rock in 200 litre plastic barrels, then just put powerheads in them to keep bacteria alive.
50% of water just be ready to do more water changes over the next month as the new system settles in and bacteria levels grow.
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