Kinda new to temperate, but new to the site

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Kinda new to temperate, but new to the site Empty Kinda new to temperate, but new to the site

Post by Rayn on June 15th 2013, 9:58 pm

Hello all, just stopping in to say hi and introduce myself a bit. 

Currently I am running 7 setups in various configurations, with others in the works. Current stable consist of 6 pico, 20, 40b, 40b, 55, 125 , 40b temperate. Others in the works are 400 plywood build, 120, and the reason I am here...110 lobster tank turned temperate reef/pred tank. As the bigger tanks come online some of the smaller ones will be taken down to accommodate them and their room and most likely turned into sumps of some configuration.  I am mostly into predator fish at the moment with a few corals sprinkled here and there to round things out. 

In the tropical temp range I have the obligatory clown pair in a hosting mertensi anemone in one tank. A pair of brasiliensis in another tank that were purchased at the same time.  A sargassum angler surrounded by a bunch of macro algae. Then the 125 with theist fish...S. plumieri, S. mozambique, brasiliensis, inimicus, rhino eschymeri, red fuzzy dwarf, yellow fuzzy dwarf. There was a second rhino eschymeri but sadly it died just this morning. 

Then there is the temperate tank, a standard 40b that swears like a pig. These guys are moving to the lobster tank once it is ready...erosa erosa and a bluefin lionfish.  Only real addition I would like to make at this point is a peppermint lion, that I have asked aquaticengineer to look out for already for me, but they are tough to come by.
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Kinda new to temperate, but new to the site Empty Re: Kinda new to temperate, but new to the site

Post by AquaticEngineer on June 22nd 2013, 3:54 am

Glad you made it over here! Lots of good tid bits to search for on temperate tanks and a very knowledgeable community......when they are active Wink lol.

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