Macroalgae Tank, just started.

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Macroalgae Tank, just started.

Post by Rvs on March 10th 2012, 2:36 am

Well, see you again guys, from a long time ñ_ñ

But let pics talk about them selves, but first my parameters Mad

pH: 8.
Kh: 12.
Ca: 300.
Mg: 1150.
Sg: 1.020-1.022.
Tº: 26-28 Celsius.
NO2: 0ppm
NO3 < 1.0 ppm
PO4 < 1.0 ppm

2 T5 14W Actinic.
2 T5 14W 6500kº
"4800 Lumen

Filtration & Circulation:
1 Aqua Jet 40 (Filter 1400l/h).
1 Sunny SPH (1200l/h).
1 Resun EF-800 (Filter 800l/h).

Water warming:
1 Sunny SGH-329 100W.

Now the pics! i just took them with my cellphone so, excuse the quality Rolling Eyes

Chaetomorpha Crassa, the thinnest chaeto i found result in the best for the main macro algae mass, i´ve also tried with 2 bulkier species but it died un about 2 or 3 weeks, so for my experience, the thinnest the better.

This is an "actinic" tank view, as we accorded, lighting is 24/7 to avoid unwanted situations, so actinic light works 12 hours (from 8pm to 8am).

And this is the "day" view of the tank, it is composed by 2 T5 14w 6.5000kº that works 13hors (from 8am- to 9pm).

Here is my puffernand, the smaller T. Nigroviridis (used to be the bigger a month ago).
He loves the macro, he swims all over aroun and in the macro mass...

And here is the big one, puffergie, who grow up a lot, she does not seem attracted by the macro but loves to eat some little white bugs that live un the macro (i don't know what are they and where they came from).

So, this is all for today, i´m also going to order a new pack of caulerpa because the one i ordered died in the way home pale the supplier said that the travel was too cold for it and that he´ll send a new pack when weather got warmer (i mean NOW! LOL)...
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Re: Macroalgae Tank, just started.

Post by J-P on March 10th 2012, 1:17 pm

that algae looks like Chaetomorpha and those are most likely a type of "pod" you are seeing. very handy little critters to have around.
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