Bigger Skimmer? Or add Ozone to existing skimmer on my tank?

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Bigger Skimmer? Or add Ozone to existing skimmer on my tank?

Post by AquaticEngineer on October 10th 2011, 2:00 pm

I have a large Precision Marine skimmer that I would love to use on my coldwater system, problem is, the way the system is plumbed together makes it very difficult to add a larger skimmer.

The existing skimmer is a stock component that came on the 110 gallon lobster tank I run as a "sump" for my larger 200 gallon coldwater tank. Its designed to handle 75lbs of live lobster, or 35lbs of live fish. Everything that is in the 200 gallon now was previoulsy crammed into the 110 gallon tank and did just fine, so the bio load hasn't been increased as of yet. I will for sure be adding more livestock to the system, and feeding much more heavily though in the future.

So what I'm wondering is if it would be just as effective to add ozone into the venturi on my existing skimmer, thus making it even more effective, or try and redesign the existing plumbing configuration just to add a larger skimmer. I would also have to add on another large external pump, thus drawing more power, and creating more heat. The risk of running ozone isnt a concern since the tank is in my garage, and it has a window with dual fans that ventilate out.

So what do you all think?

Larger Skimmer?

Add ozone?


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Re: Bigger Skimmer? Or add Ozone to existing skimmer on my tank?

Post by snapperhead on October 10th 2011, 5:15 pm

Larger skimmer ..If your feeding is going to get heavier then bigger skimmer..Ozone is usualy added to a second smaller skimmer for adding ozone and disinfection so you will most likely need 2 skimmers in future for the ozone anyway..

This is a good read about ozone..
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