Livestock Classifieds Rules

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Livestock Classifieds Rules

Post by Hero on September 5th 2010, 10:17 pm

The purpose of the livestock classifieds forum is for hobbyists to sell or trade a livestock. This forum is not intended for the sale of items for profit. Businesses of any kind may not post in this forum. Livestock can only be sold if it is captive bred and/or tank raised.

Acceptable uses of this forum are examples such as but not limited to:

• Selling a few extra coral or anemone frags that you grew out in your aquarium without the purpose to sell.
• Selling a few pieces of live rock you don't need.

Prohibited uses such as but not limited to:

• Selling livestock that was purchased with the intent to sell
• Advertising items for sale at a business website
• Posting items for sale on a daily or weekly basis and bumping your post more than three times

Exceptions are only limited to:

• Posting links to sites exclusively or predominately selling temperate marine livestock
• Post links to commercial sites that have a temperate marine fish, invert, coral, anemone, in stock

Temperate Reef is exempted from any loss or injury or any direct or indirect damage of merchandise.Temperate Reef and its staff reserve the right to judge what is a violation of the classifieds TOS. Primary offenses will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will result in a loss of classifieds posting privileges and/or suspension or ban from the board.

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