Temperate Marine Terms

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Temperate Marine Terms

Post by Hero on September 5th 2010, 8:14 pm

This thread will be used as a glossary to list some common temperate marine terms and acronyms. Once we have enough I'll turn it into an article for our library Very Happy.

  • Forest - In marine biology, a forest refers to a kelp forest.

  • HOB - Hang on back filter.

  • Kelp - Large seaweeds. Form kelp forests or kelp beds.
  • Kelp bed - Areas with a high densities of macro algae. Smaller than a kelp forest.
  • Kelp forest - Kelp forests are underwater areas with high densities of macro algae. Larger than a kelp bed

  • Temarine - A conjuction of the words "temperate" and "marine".
  • Temperate reef (TR) - An aquarium or reef composed of temperate marine organisms. In example, a rock or sandbar covered in dahlia and strawberry anemones frequented by sponges, gorgonians, and hydrocorals.
  • Temperate marine (TM) - As opposed to tropical marine waters or aquaria. Temperate marine waters are those to the North and South of tropical waters and with temperatures lower then those of tropical.

  • Macro Reef (MR) - An aquarium or reef composed of marine algae and reef invertebrates such as anemones and corals.

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