Anthopleura xanthogrammica

Distribution - Alaska to Baja California; Intertidal species
Forest Compatible - No
Reef Compatible - With Caution
Diet - Photosynthetic; Free-floating muscles, urchins, small fish, crabs 
Minimum Tank Size - 29 gallon
Max Size - Crown: 9 inches Column diameter: 7 inches
Family - Actiniidae

Anthopleura xanthogrammica is one of the most brilliantly colored anemone species on the Pacific Coast of North America. They have many nicknames, some of which include the Solitary Anemone, Rough Anemone, and numerous variants based on the Giant Green name. A relatively large species of anemone, the giant green anemone preys on free-floating muscles, urchins, small fish, and crabs. These species are most commonly observed in intertidal areas of the ocean and when in locations with sufficient amounts of sunlight they appear bright green. Anemones located in more shady areas are a duller green or even brown color. . 

These species of anemones are very solitary in nature and you will find them in small, sparse, clusters. While maintaining the ability to move, they are for the most part sessile. As with other anemone species the giant green anemone captures it's food with its nematocysts - stinging cells. Unlike similar looking species the giant green anemone lacks pink tips on its tentacles.