Anthopleura elegantissima

Distribution - Alaska to Baja California; Intertidal species
Forest Compatible - With Caution
Reef Compatible - With Caution
Diet - Photosynthetic; Amphipods, Copepods, Isopods 
Minimum Tank Size - 10g
Max Size - Crown: 3.5 inches Column diameter: 2.5 inches
Family - Aglajidae

Anthopleura elegantissima is the most abundant species of anemone found on the rocky, intertidal zone of the Pacific Coast of North America. Their abundance is attributed to the fact that they can rapidly clone themselves. Aggregating anemones can be found in dense colonies or can be found alone. Individual colonies are genetically identical. While these anemones reproduce asexually, they can also reproduce sexually which results in new gene combination and the creation of larvae that will establish new colonies. 

These elegant anemones are also violent warriors and exhibit traits of agonism. Though colonies are often in close proximity with one another, when colonies with a different genetic make up encounter each other they will wage territorial battles. Territorial disputes take place between the warrior anemones that surround colonies. Upon encountering one another, the warrior anemones launch poison darts. These anemones are voracious and will eat almost anything they can catch with their stinging cells (nematocysts), which paralyze the anemone's food.