Catalina Goby - Image needed

Distribution - Eastern Pacific, Monterey Bay to Gulf California; Rocky reef species
Forest Compatible - Yes
Reef Compatible - Yes
Diet - Carnivore 
Minimum Tank Size - 10g
Max Size - 2"
Family - Gobiidae

Catalina gobies are brilliant orange and blue colored fish found of the American west coast or the eastern pacific. These fish can be found in and around the dense kelp forests off the California coast. Catalina gobies can be collected from their natural habitat by divers and snorkelers since they can easily be adapted to aquarium life.

In the Aquarium these fish require aquariums of 10 gallons or more being suitable for nano reefs. It is essential that they are kept in aquariums that are kept at coldwater temperatures such as 60˚–70˚Fahrenheit. Gobies kept in tropical aquariums will live a greatly shortened life span and could possibly die due to stress. These are quite hardy in captivity if in the required aquarium. They can be fed small frozen meaty foods such as mysis and brine shrimp. Live foods are recommended.

In the Wild catalina gobies are able to change sex if needed since they posses reproductive tissues of both sexes. During breeding season males will lure females to their caves where the female will lay her eggs allowing the male to fertilize them.